“Instead of Diamonds on the Soles of my Shoes, I’ve got *Headcheese” – Schatzie the Renegade Deli Heiress

*Headcheese /ˈhed.tʃiːz : A cold cut that originated in Europe. Headcheese is not a dairy cheese. There is no cheese involved.

Schatzie the Renegade Deli Heiress is a Vegetarian, and Renegade Deli Artist. She sometimes helps (and mostly hinders) her beloved parents in their 39 year old European Deli. Schatzie suffers from cognitive dissonance when she is surrounded by cold cuts, and has developed a rather unhealthy obsession with *Headcheese.

Self portraits of Schatzie in her homemade dress were taken with her i-phone. Schatzie’s father Bruno gave her the nickname “Schatzie” when she was a young Mädchen. It means ‘little treasure’ in German.

Schatzie is currently working on her autobiography : “Memoirs of a Renegade Deli Heiress or "Some sell their soul to the Devil. Some sell their soul to the Deli”.
Yes. 'Tis a fine line between Comedy, Tragedy and Headcheese.