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Esther's German Bread

Mountain Bread (Alpenlaib)

This is a very recognizable bread in Germany. It even has the looks of the Alps! This German Sourdough bread is eaten in Germany at breakfast, lunch and dinner. With a hint of caraway, the taste mild and not too sour.

Organic rye flour, organic wheat flour, organic whole wheat flour, fresh yeast, natural sourdough, sea salt, caraway ground, fennel ground.



Steinerbrot (Steiner Bread)

Our signature bread! Flavorful and textured with nutty accents. Made with whole grain flours and seeds baked into the inside and out.

Organic whole-wheat flour, organic rye mealpumpernickel flour, organic rye flour, organic cracked rye, flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, rolled oats, fresh yeast, sea salt, walnuts, honey, extra-virginolive oil





Sportler Brot

A healthy choice for fiber, this bread keeps your energy level up and your body fit. This is a good 'starter' bread for customers who never had German bread before. It is mild Rye-Wheat mix bread with a nice crust. It has all the seeds that give you the necessary nutrients baked inside and out.

Organic flour, organic whole wheat flour, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, oat bran, rye middlings, rye flour, sea salt, golden flax seeds, roasted malt flour, fresh yeast.

Russian Rye (Kraftkorn)

This is an all-time favorite for many Germans and is also a popular staple in many Eastern European countries. This wheat and rye bread is mixed with Pumpkin and Sunflower seeds and baked to perfection, to give the bread a wonderful nutty character.

Organic wheat flour, organic whole wheat flour, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, organic cracked rye, oat bran, rye middling, rye flour, golden flax seeds, roasted malt flour, pumpkin seeds, natural rye sourdough, fresh yeast, caramel, sea salt.


Black Bread (Schwarzbrot)

Rustic wholegrain bread from the area of Northern Germany. 100 % Rye makes this bread also a great choice for people with a wheat Gluten allergy. We kept the Rye kernels whole, to give it a hearty chew and the fiber your body needs.

All organic with organic rye meal - pumpernickel flour, organic rye kernels, organic rye flour, natural sourdough, fresh yeast, sea salt and caramel.

Now carrying handmade cream cheese, butter and Quark from SF's own Daily Driver. Quark is a fresh cheese, similar to fromage blanc or farmer’s cheese. The cream cheese is also special! The recipe was created during a rare quiet time at their creamery in Tomales. It’s simple ingredients and process allow the true taste of the milk to shine through. It is not your typical cream cheese – it’s fresh and pure.

Cultured Butter

When butter is “cultured” it means that cultures have been added to the cream, and the cream ferments before being churned into butter. This process adds depth and flavor to the richness of the butter. Due to the antiquated and lengthy process of culturing, it is a rarity in the States.

Daily Driver cultured butter is cultured for 24 hours, churned in a European-style churn and hand-paddled to ensure the best flavor and texture.